Sarah was born in Ohio, the eldest of two daughters. After college in the Chicago area, she married her husband Karl. After living in Missouri, Michigan, and Alabama, they have settled in Texas with their four children. Sarah enjoys a variety of things, including involvement in her church, gardening, crafting, music, reading, and of course, writing.


Since about the third grade, Sarah has loved writing. The use of words to express her ideas on paper (or, as technology has progressed, on screen), has been a source of enjoyment and fulfillment for many years. Creating stories allows her to explore a variety of different personalities and experiences that aren’t necessarily her own but at the same time uniquely relate various seasons of life through which she has walked within her own journey.


Faith has carried Sarah throughout her life. Taught from a young age of the love and care that God has for His creation, His plan of redemption through Jesus Christ, and His continued work of sustaining His people, Sarah is unaccountably blessed to have been given the gift of faith in this God. She hopes her writing will encourage and uplift others in the midst of their life’s experiences, even as she herself has been encouraged and uplifted in life through God's Word and His people.